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Our Mission

Our goal as farmers reflects our values and beliefs:

1.  Provide fresh, high quality food to our community. We believe in eating fresh food that has not been sprayed with chemicals and that is full of nutrients. We understand the importance of knowing where your food comes from and increasing local food resources.

2.  Use sustainable and organic practices. Farming in a way that respects the soil and our environment is a priority to us. Our farming practices include crop diversity and rotation, the use of cover crops to increase soil organic matter and improve structure, minimizing tilling, and using only organic amendments. We do not own a tractor, but instead are apprenticing to use draft horses to cultivate the soil. Our animals are rotated onto several different pastures and our sheep are grass fed. We value the role of biodiversity in maintaining a natural balance at our living farm. We value any practices that are chemical free and sustainable such as those put forth in permaculture, biodynamic farming, Joel Salatin practices, conservation ecology etc.

3.  Welcome schools and other educational programs.  As we develop and organize our farm, we will be available for field trips and hope to share our experiences and knowledge about small-scale farming.

4.  Sustain our family’s livelihood through this farming business