Annual starts

All of our starts are CERTIFIED ORGANIC which means we use GMO free certified organic seed, certified organic soil mixes (some I mix myself using natural and organically approved materials and approved organic fertilizers), and we never spray plants with any chemicals or use chemical fertilizer.

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Check out our plant list below, if your computer doesn't let you see it you can click on this link for a website format of the plant list or the following link for a pdf format.

Plant Starts Availability and Request

Do you have suggestions of specific vegetable or herbs that you wish I would have available, or are there specific varieties you think I should sell? I would love to hear your suggestions such that I can cater to your wishes and buy the right seeds ahead of time. E-mail me with your requests and I will appreciate to suggestions.

Some of our seedlings are planted in pots made of Fertil decomposable material and can be cut to separate and planted straight into the soil. When we do use plastic pots we are usually reusing pots that have been returned to us, so feel free to bring back your pots and we will reuse them until they break and then we will recycle them.

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