Farm Fresh Eggs

Our flock of hens lay beautiful eggs and we are selling them from the farm, at farmer's markets, and at Neighbors Market in Vancouver. We also deliver to people when 6 or more dozens are purchased at a time.

Our hens are free range and pastured: We use electric movable netting and a mobile coop to keep the chickens in one large ranging area and move them to new pasture or fallow crop field every 1 to 2 months. 

Our hens are fed only a certified organic soy and corn free  layer feed (read our blog post about our feed). We supplement their feed with some diatomaceous earth, microna lime and some oyster shells, all of which are organic products,  to be sure they are getting plenty of calcium. Our hens are never exposed to any hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.

Our price per dozen will be:
$7/dozen at farmer's markets and deliveries
$6/dozen at our farm 
$6/dozen for CSA members