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Our farm is an effort to turn many ideas of sustainability, organic and ecologically sound farming practices into reality. We use horses as our cultivators, feed our animals organic, use only the most organic amendments and require a lot of our own hard labor to make things run.  All these practices are expensive but worth it and we believe they are important for the future of our planet.
Our farm is doing well selling increasing numbers of CSA memberships; more vegetables and eggs at farmer's markets and on the farm every year; organically fed, pasture raised pork; grass-fed lamb. New income is planned to come from workshops that are in developement and will start in 2015, and we will be selling goats for meat as well in 2015. However, we are still investing a lot of our income in materials that will make our farm run efficiently and for the longterm.  We also are hoping to create funds to hire extra help to harvest produce of our fields for CSA and markets.

Many people who meet us at the farm or at farmer's markets are excited about what we do. We love inspiring others and giving people hope that a farm such as ours is possible.  However, doing what we are doing is not easy and requires a lot of determination and commitment. Often people ask us if there is any way they can help. With this in mind we have put together a way that people can make donations to our farm. We also have put together gift certificates you can give to a friend or family to help them get sustainably produced organic produce.

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