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Baby news, Isaiah growing fast

posted Mar 18, 2012, 9:26 AM by Dan and Caroline Swansey

Though our blog is mostly short little descriptions about our progress to our farm business, to inform you of who we are as farmers, share our visions and experiences, and tell you what you are getting when you purchase our products, it is time for us to share a little bit more about who we are as a new family too.
Parenthood is so many things, we are finding out...
Mostly it is joy and a blessing. Isaiah is an incredible little boy and he is working very hard to show us he will be walking as soon as his little body allows him. The single most certain thing that makes him happy is when we hold him up so he can stand, he looks so proud and holds himself straight up. Of course he cannot stand on his own yet so we are also working on belly time and sitting with mom and daddy. He also doesn't mind laying under his jungle gym and grabbing to the toys. He is also very eager to roll over and has succeeded a couple of times already after concentrated effort. It is amazing to watch him go through all these steps and listen to his funny squeals of joy and little laughs when we tickle his feet.
Then there is the outside world that he is finding out little by little. We have been bringing him outside in our carrier to explore the farm and sometimes do easy chores with us. He has started to really notice all the animals and witness a few lambing births. It blows me away to think that he will have experienced so many farm life norms that neither Dan or I ever experienced growing up. He really does enjoy being in the carrier as long as we keep moving so the long birthing experiences sometimes became a little long, but he sure liked playing in the sun in the greenhouse while mommy watered her plants. The cold does not seem to bother him either so he will be a well acclimated Northwest boy.
And of course there is the sleepless nights of waking 4-5 times to feed and change diapers, the daily laundry loads of cloth diapers, the hand-offs between mom and dad switching off to get work done, the trips to the doctor to get shots and the evening crying spells when he just doesn't want to give in to the sleepy eyes, but its all part of it and Dan and I are doing ok so far, at least we think. 
Soon enough we will be introducing real food into his breast milk only diet and he will start to move around on his own so we better start kid proofing our house. 
So, if you see us and we look a little run down, with bags under our eyes, just know that we are the way we are because we are living our dream :o)!