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Certified Transitional

posted Jun 17, 2012, 3:32 PM by Dan and Caroline Swansey
The summary about the certification process.... 

Since June 1, 2012 we are have been issued a transitional certification for our fruit and vegetable production and our pasture. This means that after thorough inspection it has been certified that we are following the USDA National Organic program requirements since March 2011. This is the date when we move to this property. Because we are not able to secure management information prior to March 2011 we will only be ably to get the organic status in March 2014. Though please note that we are following all organic standard at present and this property does not have a history of conventional farming.

As for our livestock: "Organic liverstock are required to be on certified organic land. Because [our] land is still in transition to organic status, [our] flock does not meet the requirements of the NOS". This is the only requirement that we do not meet as we are feeding certified organic feed and following all other requirements.

Well, as you can see getting the organic certification is a process that we are going through. On another note we believe we are going above and beyond organic certification by free ranging our animals and using many practices that would be many be considered sustainable, but we want to give the certification process a try to show to you that we are dedicated to the organic standards as the minimum baseline of our practices.

In the end, it is possible that our customers may trust us enough and convince us that certification is not required to show our dedication, but for now this process of becoming organically certified by the year 2014 is a helpful standard.