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Little help from our friends

posted Mar 14, 2012, 10:48 AM by Dan and Caroline Swansey
We want to get everyone up to speed on what we've been up to lately and it's been a truly awesome whirl wind. I will begin with the new high tunnel greenhouse that is now up. The length is 109ft by 20ft wide, the sides are high enough so we can work the ground with Lucy (our draft horse), and the ends roll up.  We need to thank our friends Bill Fleming, Ares Slavin,  Katrina Kuehn, Robert Reinhart, and Johnny Bannerman for their lending a hand getting the high tunnel complete. We couldn't of done it without your help. Thank you! 
These past two weeks, our ewe's have been lambing and all of them have given birth.  What a amazing experience to watch and help out with the births of these little lambs. The barn set up worked out perfect. The ewe would give birth inside the barn. Then, I would take the lamb(carrying) and make sure its nose was almost touching the ewe's nose (otherwise if the lamb is lifted too high or out of the sense of smell the ewe can lose track and get extremely worried) and had her follow me to a jug (a sectioned off area where the lamb can get acquainted with its mom) for at least 24 hrs. After spending some time in the jug, I would then move lamb and ewe to the nursery(much larger section) with the other ewe's and lambs. We built two tie stalls (on the right side of the barn) for the horses so that we could have a big enough nursery for the ewe's and lambs. It's fun to watch all the lambs playing, running,  hopping, and jumping on mom's back while she is laying down.  We invite you, if you are interested, to come see them. We ask that you just give us a call ahead of time, so that we can make sure that we are around when you arrive. 
We have also been doing a lot of work on our pasture fencing/cross fencing/deer fencing. Now, surrounding our vegetable's  we have an 8ft tall deer fence.  Last year, we had electric fencing up to about 8ft but the deer jumped right through it.  Hopefully, now we will have resolved this issue. At each of the four corners of this field, we put up Kestrel (small falcon) nesting boxes  to help with the  field mice and moles on the farm. 
We have got lots of plants started and seeded in the greenhouse.  Let us know if you are interested in us growing your starts for you.