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Our dear Bud

posted Feb 17, 2014, 8:13 AM by Dan and Caroline Swansey
Our dear Bud peacefully passed away 2 nights ago. At about 20 yrs old, most drafts have a life expectancy of about 18, he was an old horse who we believe enjoyed life until the last day. 
Bud was an endless giver and never challenged us, leading us to believe he loved the work he was given. He was always peaceful and calm, a true gentle giant. We bought him when he was 18yrs old, such that with his age and his wisdom, he could teach us about working with horses and that is exactly what he did each day he was with us. At his old age, he had his challenges (possibly some onset of DJD and his old teeth made keeping weight a challenge) but he never complained, he enjoyed life as it was.
We're very sad to see him go, but as we've said before with the fact that draft horses don't live long and us buying old horses, we need to accept the fact that loosing them is part of the reality, and we like to think that we gave him a good last few years. 
It was a blessing and a gift to have known Bud, the nicest and most giving horse I've ever met.