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Our new 9foot deer fence and the planning of a native hedgerow

posted Mar 18, 2012, 8:33 AM by Dan and Caroline Swansey
Dan mentioned many things in his last post, but I guess we've been really busy because he forgot to mention the hours we spend on renewing our fencing to protect our crops from deer and keep our animals from going where they please. This year we will be following a strict rotational grazing plan for our animals and after watching our sheep blatantly walk under the electric wires it became clear to us that we needed to make some fence upgrades. We had noticed a few events of deer jumping through the wires as well to munch on what was left in our field this winter and so we took this issue very seriously. We put up a 9 foot fence around the cultivation field by using a 4 foot sheep woven wire fence at the bottom and extending it with 5 foot of deer fencing extension fencing.
In the picture you'll also see our native plants we purchased as part of our plan to plant a hedgerow along the whole field to attract pollinators and create bird habitat. Included are western hazelnut, huckle berry, red flowering currants, elderberry and more.