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Our new team of Belgian Draft Horses, Bud and Charlie

posted May 22, 2012, 12:19 PM by Dan and Caroline Swansey
About a month ago, now, we bought our new team of Beglians, Bud and Charlie( 16 and 15 years old)  off of an Amish farm in Iowa.  Steve Krier, from Montana found us this team and was able to deliver them to our farm.  Bud, is the taller of the two standing at about 16hands tall and Charlie stands  at about 15.3 hands tall. We decided after working Lucy pretty hard this spring, that we really needed a team to get the work (plowing, discing, and cultivating, etc.)  done more efficiently. It is amazing how much more work you are able to do with two horses  versus one.  e.g.   While we were discing with Lucy,  we would work her one length of the field and have to rest her (until her breathing slowed) and with Bud and Charlie,  we could go back and forth a few times and rest them and notice that they were hardly breathing.   We have been enjoying using our "new" John Deere 191 14" inch walking plow with the team that we bought at the Small Farmer's Journal Draft horse Auction in Madras, Or earlier this spring and our new implement called the Homesteader built by the Pioneer Equipment Company (Amish) which you can attach a plow, cultivator, hiller, and potatoe plow to.  We couldn't of asked for a better team to work with. Bud and Charlie, are extremely patient, calm, gentle, and well trained.  We absolutely love working with and taking care of our draft  horses.  So, when you are eating  our produce a lot of growing that produce came with the help of our horses.