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Plowing with Babe and Lucy and closing up the big barn.

posted Oct 29, 2011, 5:24 PM by Admin at Yacolt Mountain Farm and Nursery

As the temperatures are dropping and summer feels behind us, we are staying very busy here at the farm. 
We are very happy with how our first season farming in Yacolt went. However, we know our potential lies much higher and we don't want to waste any time to continue organizing ourselves for next season. Where our summer crops were growing, and where we'll rotate other crops next year, Dan has been discing the soil with Lucy, our draft horse, and sowing a mixed cover crop seed. The cover crop has germinated and grown well in these areas, thanks to the mild Fall weather we've been having. Other parts of the field where we did not have crops this year, have not been plowed before. In these less tilled areas the grasses are more rooted and plowing was needed prior to sowing cover crop. Luckily, Lester Courtney has been kind enough to come over with his bay mare, Babe, and a plow. Babe and Lucy have been working as a team to pull the plow which is heavy work for them in these grass sod filled areas. Once plowed, Dan goes over these areas with the disc again to get it ready to sow cover crop seed. This work is very important to make the soils easier to work with and more fertile next year. We hope that in the future plowing and tilling will become easier and easier on the horses and the need for tilling will decrease as we decrease the amount of grass roots present.
We also have been putting a lot of work in getting our big barn ready for lambing in the spring. The big barn was open on one side and did not have any doors or stalls prior, so we enclosed it and installed doors as well as four stalls that can be separated into birthing jugs for the sheep. Now that we have acquired our ram, Eligh, we are expecting our ewes to lamb in February or March next year. They will all have a cozy warm place to safely lamb now.