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Special Thanks

posted Apr 12, 2011, 8:12 AM by Dan and Caroline Swansey   [ updated Apr 12, 2011, 5:40 PM ]
A special thank you to Lester Courtney, for coming over  on Friday, April 8th, to do some plowing for us.  I got in touch with Lester in a round about kind of way.  Originally, I got in touch with Kathy from Small Farmer's Journal because we were looking for some contact info of a local horse teamster that would be interested in coming over to the farm with a team of draft horses to do some plowing(see next post). Kathy, gave me John Erksine's(teamster in Washington) contact info and said, " he may know of someone in your area". So, it was through John that gave me Lester Courtney's contact info. Both Caroline and I, are extremely grateful. Lester and his wife Carol are truly genuine, giving and some of the nicest people you would meet.  Although, Lester doesn't really have a team to plow with at the moment, he does have a 50 horse tractor with a plow that he was willing to use to give us a hand. The ground would of been a little bit too much for the horses because its the first time the field has been worked. So, Lester drove over with his tractor (over 30 minutes) on the road, when the temps were in the 20's and was able to plow about 5 acres for us. Now, if the weather will cooperate a little bit, we are waiting for a couple of dry days so, we can till and get the soil prepared for planting. We have seen a couple of days of good frost and even some snow this past week. We are trying to be patient and waiting on mother nature. Click on the link below and enjoy a video of Lester and Carol in action!!!!