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Spring Garden Starts Available Starting April 22nd!

posted Mar 15, 2012, 10:52 AM by Dan and Caroline Swansey   [ updated Apr 11, 2012, 10:36 AM by Caroline Swansey ]
Even though it is pouring rain outside and it definitely still feels like winter. There is nothing wrong about planning your spring garden. I'm not talking about tomatoes, peppers or cuccumbers, it is definitely too early to think about planting those. But I am talking about healthy greens and cole crops!
Though you may think you need to wait until June to plant anything in the Northwest, the end of April is definitely not too early to plant hardy cool loving plants. Our nursery has already started seeds in the greenhouse and we will have many starts available for sale during our Open House. If you live in Yacolt, or Clark County these will do great in your cool spring garden.
We will have several varieties of the following crops:
lettuces (green and red romaines, leaf lettuces, buttercrunch)
spinach (tyee, giant winter)
chard (swiss, ruby red)
asian greens (tatsoi, pak choy, mizuna, spicy mustards)
broccoli (calabrese, di cicco)
kale (lacinato, red russian, siberian)
cauliflower (snowball, skywalker)
cabbage (savoy, farao, red, bilco (napa))
peas (cascadia)
and more

We will sell them in 4-packs ($2.50) and in 3" pots ($1.50) at our Open House on April 22nd. If you would like them earlier e-mail us to check for availability.

Expect more diversity with every week after the open house!