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The first 3 weeks on Yacolt Mountain Farm

posted Mar 15, 2011, 9:20 AM by Caroline Swansey
It has now been three weeks since we set foot here at the new farm.
We immediately started to get things organized for the animals which had been very patiently waiting with us during our long trip from California to Washington. 
After fixing part of the roof of the old chicken coop and cleaning it out we tucked in our four chickens. The 2 LGD's were set up in the big shop at first before we put a door on the barn where they are now sleeping next to the new lamb (yes we got dorper lamb !! but more on that will come) . Our own stuff was also brought into the house but we definitely are still living out of boxes. Moonie, our Husky, and Puma, the cat, are being spoiled and we've kept them in the house with us.
We've started and finished a couple of big projects that were important to the business:
- put up an 7+ foot electric fence with 5 wires running across the perimeter of the entire property (this took a lot of blackberry clearing)
- pruned some fruit trees that we hope will produce for us this year
- set up a temporary greenhouse and started seed
- put a gate on the lamb/kid barn with a division in the middle to keep the dogs separated but in the same barn. 
- put a gutter on the barn
- rototilled the field that we plan to use for this years crops
-ordered a permanent 30' by 48'  greenhouse
- and probably more I can't think of right now

Then the animals:
We've pick up 10 quite dorper lamb, ordered 25 chicks of a delaware x new hampshire red cross for meat chickens, 16 chicks of bronze breasted turkeys for thanksgiving (we will be taking orders), and I'm waiting for 2 alpine dairy goat does to get born to add to the family.

So this blog post is more like a list but since it is hard to sit down in front of the computer when many things are waiting to be done outside, I figured I'd give an overview of what we've been up to. We are downloading pictures and videos today too so that may be more fun to browse through.